Who are we?




We are exclusive representatives and / or distributors for Colombia of Cargill, Cooper Power Systems By EATON, LS Industrial Systems, Guju Technology, Federal Pacific (Line Power) and Lago Electromecanica thus giving an integral solution to the electricity sector and our customers.

Company policy

VELPA SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES, develops its activities of Purchase, Distribution and Marketing of electrical equipment for high and medium voltage and related services, the commitment of the company and senior management with its employees, contractors, stakeholders and all its organizational context guarantees:


  •  Offer high quality products and services,
  • The satisfaction of the client, counting on competent personnel, technical and financial resources that allow us to comply with the technical specifications, deadlines and budgets in our contracts,
  • Comply with the current legal requirements applicable to our organization related to quality, environment, safety and health at Work,
  • Prevent, mitigate, correct and compensate for environmental impacts.
  • The identification, evaluation, control and / or elimination of present risks in all the activities developed in the organization.
  • Protect the safety and health of all workers, through the continuous improvement and performance of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST) in the company.
  • Prevent work incidents, occupational diseases, damage to property, environmental pollution and impact on quality, identifying and controlling the risks associated with our work.
  • The improvement continued in its management of prevention of occupational, environmental and quality risks.

Corporate values

  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Sense of belonging
  • Positivism and optimism
  • Search for excellence


VELPA SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES, company dedicated to the purchase and commercialization of electrical equipment and appliances for high and medium voltage in maneuver, protection, communication and lighting, providing our customers with the highest quality standards in after-sales service products and services. oriented to satisfy your requirements and committed to our collaborators, the care of the environment and compliance with the legal requirements applicable to our organization.


VELPA SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES, para el año 2022 buscara ser parte integral de soluciones energéticas, a través de la compra, comercialización e instalación de equipos eléctricos y energías renovables, lograr el reconocimiento a nivel nacional como una de las mejores empresas del sector eléctrico y energético, por medio de la representación exclusiva para Colombia de empresas proveedoras de productos altamente calificados y apoyando todas nuestras labores en un sistema de gestión que asegure la calidad de nuestros productos y servicios, la protección del medio ambiente y la salud y la seguridad de nuestros empleados.



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