Cooper Power Systems By EATON is a leading company in the global market of electrical products for the distribution and control of electricity, circuit protection, lighting, cable support systems, components for telecommunications and fire detection systems.

We manufacture thousands of products known to all, which are used in all parts of the world, every day. Our high-quality product platform has reached leadership positions in the markets we serve and that leadership is sustained with unparalleled sales support and customer service.

At Cooper we believe that you can not have an excellent company without excellent products. Our products and their reputation for quality worldwide are one of our many strengths.

Capacitors and Reagent Compensation Banks

Medium voltage capacitors

Capacitor Bank Control

Capacitor Banks

Voltage regulators VR32 immersed in vegetable oil ENVIROTEMP @ FR3

Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulator catalog VR-32

CYMGRD – Ground networks for substations


NOVA series reclosers

Nova Recloser Manual

Control Form 6 Manual

Solid Isolation Switches

DAS Switch with iDC control

Smart three-phase switching reliable to its core

CYMCAP – Calculation of maximum admissible current in power cables


SPEAR series reclosers

Smart single-phase automation and protection solutions

Reconectador SPEAR

CYMDIST – Analysis of distribution networks


Program of analysis of electrical networks CYME


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In 2004, Cargill Agrícola S.A. Through its business unit Industrial Oils and Lubricants inaugurates Innovatti ®, a vegetable of the industrial plant and synthetic esters in order to complement its line of vegetable oils and lubricants.

Located 65 kilometers from the city of São Paulo-SP Mairinque, they stand out for their excellence in high performance products

Biodegradable dielectric fluid for transformers

Data Sheet – FR3 Dielectric Fluid

Environmental Security

FR3 Technology Recognized in the Standard

Sustainable Security with FR3 advantage

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JSHP Transformer (JiangSu HuaPeng Transformer Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1967 and is a totally family business. JSHP leads the TOP10 list of transformer manufacturers belonging to China Transformer Manufacturer Association. JSHP proudly still retains a number of ZERO failures in the field with transformer mills in production around the world, as of June 2011.

JSHP has a production line focused solely on transformers, and has the capacity to produce power transformers up to 750kV and 1000MVA.


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LONGi Solar is the world leader in the manufacture of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The company as a whole is owned by LONGi group, which is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline silicon cells worldwide.

Armed and powered by advanced technology and LONGi Group’s great experience in the field of monocrystalline Silicon, LONGi Solar has shipped more than 1GW in products in 2015, and revenues are expected to double by 2016.

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